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Everywhere we go, from the Highlands to the Low, everybody want to know...they ask us, "War Panties, what does 'War Panties' mean?"


Is it just two awesome words crammed together to create the most delightful rock n' roll name in rock n' roll history?


Perhaps. But it's about a lot more than that, kiddos. Gather 'round to hear the tale...


War Panties is about that time you got roped into staying after class to work on your Algebra 2 homework on a sunny day. It's about that Saturday night when your mom told you that you couldn't stay up past 11 PM to watch that MTV. It's about that time when your dad grounded you to your room for cranking The Who too loud on the record player.


You know what you do when those tough, hard times hit you all at once?


You bend over to that bottom drawer. You pull it open and feel around til you get to the very back. You don't go there often, but you know exactly what you're looking for and they're always there when you need them. Once you put your hand on them, you know what you've got without even a look. You pull those bad boys out and straighten 'em like cracking a lasso. You put them on one leg at a time, just like everybody else. And then you pull them up nice and snug until you get that euphoric rock n' roll wedgie, momma.


Then you feel it.


You feel the power of your War Panties, baby. You know that as long as you're wearing those War Panties, you can face your troubles, you can solve your problems, and with your War Panties on, can accomplish anything.


Ever since "All That" Pat Matheny and Phil "The Thrill" Impell met on that fateful December day at Bearno's in the Highlands of Louisville, KY and put their War Panties on (eachother) for the first time...


Ever since "Big Rigg" Ewing and Phil the Thrill united over the sounds of Sly and the Family Stone, Phish, Primus, and Neil Young at school in St. Louis, MO....


And ever since (drummer of the day) dared to make that holy pilgrimage to find his (her) War Panties, the band has been rocking and rolling, strutting and strolling, slamming and jamming the mean streets of St. Matthews, the Highlands,  and even wild, wonderful, beautiful and exotic Dayton, Ohio, since 2112.


Though real rock can only be done in front of a drunken and debaucherous crowd of raving lunatics in love with one another, War Panties has also released a number of original recordings, including its first illustrious LP in 2012, "Celestial Warfare and the Forever Sandwich", and "Deuce on Parade" in 2015. The band returned to The Button Tele Studios, in conjunction with Still Alive melodies, to create its first EP in 2020, fittingly titled "In the Year of Zuul MMXX" which brought the world such favorites as "Priscilla," "Creaky Crooked Woman," and "Delaware Cornfields."

It has been a fucking pleasure introducing ourselves to you, and as Louisville's ONLY self-proclaimed greatest dive bar band, we hope to meet you in rock soon. Until then, don't shed no whisky tears. Just listen to our songs on the site, find us on social media and the streaming streamers, smoke some greens, make lots of lovin, and for God's sake...keep on keepin on with your War Panties on.


One love,

War Panties




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