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'Deuce on Parade' to be released Halloween 2015!

GERMANTOWN, KY -- HOLY BANANA! That's what the kiddos are screaming, cuz War Panties' much-anticipated second album is finally set to be released - through The Button Tele Records - this Halloween!

How spoo-hooky.

And the 12 track-LP already has a name: DEUCE ON PARADE. Learn to love it, baby momma!


1. Neverending Circus 7. Darling's Elegy

2. Mother Nature 8. Lucy the Undertaker

3. Black Lung Blues 9. MegaRigg

4. KrAy-Z Luv 4 U 10. Magic

5. Magdalen 11. Bluebird

6. Parachutes 12. The Storm

After four months of recording at the NEW Button Tele Records, after three months of mixing and mastering with Treehouse Audio, and after seeing to fruition the bee-utiful prints of the album artwork thanks to LGI Print, War Panties is ready to release their second studio album after a nearly three year Studio hiatus.

'Celestial Warfare and the Forever Sandwich,' War Panties' first LP, was released in the fall of 2012. After spending much of the next 2 years rocking out at a dive bar near you in support of the album - and other folk songs of our land - the band’s members shifted focus to recording the bits and pieces of music that would become 'Deuce on Parade' in the fall of 2014. A year of mixing, mastering, and mixed drinks later, the group is ready to release their new creation upon the world.

Starting Halloween 2015, you'll be able to download or stream 'Deuce on Parade' from your favorite digital music vendors - iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and everything in between. Later this month, you'll also be able to purchase a hard copy of the album - plush with 90s jewel cases, borderline offensive artwork and all - from the sexy beast bandmembers themselves.

An album release party and show are also in the works with the fineprint currently in ongoing negotiation.

The wait is almost over. Get your copy of 'Deuce on Parade' this Halloween 2015!


Pat Matheny (guitar/vocals)

Phil Impellizzeri (guitar/vocals)

Mick Peach (drums)

Rigg Ewing (bass)

Special thanks to Chris Bush (lead guitar) and Mark Fleshman (even more lead guitar)!

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