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War Panties Documentary Trailer!!!

Ladies and gentleman, this just in! Thanks to the dozens of Bothan spies who made the ultimate sacifice and gave their lives in the name of ROCK, we at have procured a 2 minute video clip/teaser-trailer of the yet-to-be-officially-confirmed documentary which is purported to revolve around the rock and roll quartet known around my neighborhood as "War Panties."

According to the teaser intro, this in-the-works and painfully under-wraps documentary will be a "glimpse of the highly anticipated film following the trials and tribulations of War Panties on their quest to bring naughty rock and roll back to the masses."


When's this revoluationary documentary to be released??!? This teaser contains all the information that we have as of present date.

Just watch it, dammit! May God have mercy on our souls...

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