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In the Year of Zuul MMXX, EP out now!

War Panties is pleased to announce the release of their newest EP of original songs, aptly titled In the Year of Zuul MMXX. The guys in War Panties have thusly successfully dropkicked 2020 square in the jaw by turning chicken shit into chicken salad and making the best of a gigless year by hitting the studio hard and gifting this very plagued world the following tracks:

  1. Priscilla

  2. Creaky Crooked Woman

  3. Delaware Cornfields

  4. Leaves and Balloons

  5. Kneel

  6. Pumpkin Pie

  7. Priscilla Reprise

Check out In the Year of Zuul MMXX on all your streaming streamers, and feel the exuberance of War Panties' newest creations!

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